Web Development on design4u.gr

We integrate technologically complete solutions and help our customers to communicate better and more directly with their users, to discover new methods of cooperation and to develop the way they work. We create the perfect website for you, without charging a fortune!

Information is rapidly disseminated around the world through websites, web portals, informative web sites, forums, social networking systems, blogs, etc. Communication is fast, direct and enriched with all the possibilities of multimedia.

Online stores help our products and services reach everyone interested, often in longitudes and latitudes we can not imagine. B2B systems interconnect businesses and automate the processes through which they collaborate.

At the same time, e-literacy is declining rapidly as we all use the internet on a daily basis. The current situation allows us to say with certainty that the development of new services is an investment in the right direction.

At design4u.gr we can find the best possible solution for the needs of creating your professional website or your E-shop through the most common CMSs (Content Management Systems).

The CMSs we use


WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS). It is a popular tool for people without coding experience who want to create websites and blogs.

It is also the favorite platform for many bloggers and businesses. In fact, more than 36.4% of all web pages use WordPress.

Why WordPress is so popular?

  • WordPress is search engine friendly (SEO Friendly)
  • WordPress supports all types of multimedia
  • WordPress is secure



OpenCart is a popular solution for developing online stores and a better open source e-commerce platform.

Why OpenCart is so popular?

  • Easy to use UI
  • Highly adaptable environment thanks to the open source construction
  • Many integrations with top tools
  • Multilingual with multi-currency support
  • Marketplace full of plugins, portals and other tools
  • Great community and customer support
  • Unlimited products, categories and manufacturers
  • Product evaluations and review systems
  • PCI compatible