design4u e-shop

E-Shop Development with the possibility of unlimited content pages through the eshop management environment.

General application features for E-Shop Development

  • Unlimited number of icons for categories and products
  • E-Shop Development with the possibility of unlimited content pages through the eshop management environment
  • View the products you want on the first page
  • View the most popular products
  • View suggested products – offers
  • Full product presentation (name, code, features, photos, price)
    Foreign languages ​​(Greek, English, German, Italian, French, Spanish)
  • Ability to send bulk e-mails to customers of the online store. Login with mailchimp
  • Easy possibility of payment without the customer being a registered member of the store
  • Customer Returns (RMA)
  • Ability to help from the store manager with customers (LIVE HELP)
  • Ability to import unlimited banner ads
  • Ability to display Store News
  • Automatic notification of the merchant for each transaction via e-mail or SMS
  • Automatic sending of confirmation e-mails or SMS to the customer
  • Customer data storage and data review capability
  • Order management – store sales
  • Corporate presentation pages
    Ability to compare products
  • Create a contact form for entering customer details
  • Wish list service (suggestions – wishes of the customer regarding the products of the store)
  • Selection of product links to other websites
  • Create a showcase with products of your choice
  • One-Click Product Activation: Ability to enable-disable the display of your products with one click.
  • Possibility of marketing campaing for some time
Orders Management:
  • Search for orders with multiple criteria such as customer, email, amount, order status, period (from-to), and order code.
  • Detailed statistics for all orders and all customers.
  • Ability to print the order receipt and the shipping label for the parcel.
  • Display of orders placed in the last 24 hours, the last week and the last month and year, the corresponding quantities and values, as well as the final total.
  • By selecting an order, you are automatically shown all the customer information, contact details, history, shipping method, total purchase cost of goods and the corresponding VAT and there is a contact area specifically for each order .
  • Possibility of partial shipment of ELD whenever the products are available at any time.
  • Possibility to register the minimum order quantity.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Including with E-Shop Development
  • Select keywords for category and product pages
  • Select meta description for category and product pages
  • Select keywords for content pages
  • Select meta description for content pages
  • Ability to create a static HTML directory
  • Ability to customize Site map
  • Optimized PHP code
  • Construction of an eshop with microdata capabilities
  • Friendly to all search engines
  • Creating SEO friendly links
  • Introduce meta tags for search engines, social media and Google Snippets
  • Use page cache for faster performance
  • Google Sitemap
  • Functional Breadcrumb for users and search engines
Product catalog features for eshop construction:
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Unlimited number of categories
  • Unlimited number of subcategories
  • Bulk addition / processing of products
  • Bulk add / edit categories
  • Customizable META tags for product / category pages
  • Customizable KEY words for product / category pages
  • List of products with many possibilities
  • Mass sales
  • Activate / deactivate products and categories with one click
  • Ability to access products / categories depending on the level of each user
  • Link related products with the product to be purchased. For example, if someone buys sunscreen, he suggests getting an after sun cream
  • Eshop construction with unlimited product choices, color, size, weight, etc.
  • Product options can be displayed as dropdown selectbox, radio buttons group, checkbox or text input
  • Complete formatting of the short and detailed product description
  • Customization of META tags for each product separately
  • Customization of KEY worlds for each product separately
  • Managing the list of manufacturers and categorizing products based on it
  • Supplier list management
  • List of related products
  • Possibility to buy as a guest or as a member. Easy checkout
  • Show sections “Those who bought this product also bought …”. That is, if someone buys sunscreen, he also suggests relative products with holidays
  • View the “Bestsellers” section: View your 10 most popular products!
  • Display of the section “You have seen …”: The latest products seen by the visitor of the website are displayed. The administrator can set the number of products to be displayed!
  • Import / Export: Import / Export products to Microsoft Excel in a .CSV file
  • Packaging: Ability to enter the weight and size for each product. This affects the way shipping costs are calculated.
  • Unlimited registration of features and filters on products. to make it easier for visitors to search for products.
  • Product Options: Enter options for each product such as color size along with the corresponding charge for each additional option
  • Unlimited images for each product
  • Search filters and products
Shipping and Taxes
  • Cost calculation with the cooperating courier companies you want
  • Enter Courier Company data of your choice
  • Calculate shipping costs in real time
  • Unlimited ways to deliver products
  • Unlimited destinations
  • Cost calculation, depending on the place of delivery by geographical area
  • The customer can choose delivery method and payment method
  • VAT calculation in various ways
  • Creation of special taxes for products
Payment methods
  • Complete list of offline payment methods: Bank deposit, Money transfer via e-banking, Cash on delivery, etc.
  • Full support for most online payments. Login with your bank account (: Eurobank EFG, Alpha Bank, Piraeus Bank (WinBank), VIVAWALLET and all credit cards accepted, Pay Pal, etc.
Web-based eshop construction center
  • Add many items (products, categories, static pages, etc.) with one click
  • Management using Ajax JQUERY technology, BOOTSTRAP
  • Password protected access to management
  • Configure your online store in real time
  • Complete tool for database backup
  • Quick and easy addition / change / deletion of multiple products
  • Quick and easy add / change / delete multiple categories
  • Organization of the information part of the online store
  • Create accounts for your business employees to place orders and update the website with products and content.
Customer service
  • Complete search customization
  • Password reminder to customers
  • The customer can see his order history
  • Ability to register a customer as a member and access special prices
  • Ability to access content sections depending on membership level
  • Resume shopping button
  • Cart Clear Button
  • The customer can directly intervene in the selection of products in the cart
  • All orders are securely stored in a MySQL database
  • Full HTTPS / SSL support
  • Secure HTTPS / SSL access management
  • Secure HTTPS / SSL payment
  • Hide customer information
  • Password protection to access management
Customer facilities
  • The contents of the basket are stored in a database
  • The registered customer can intervene in the details of his account at any time
  • The registered customer can see the history of his orders
  • The contents of the basket are stored in a database
  • Live Support Chat
  • Search form
  • Order history
  • Ability to enter customer subscription
  • Accessibility of website content management
  • Whish list
  • Product comparison
  • Unlimited number of contacts per customer
Content Management System:
  • Ability to add and edit your own pages eg our company, articles etc.
  • The editing of the texts is done with WYSIWYG editor, ie as in MS Word.
  • Ability to search with multiple criteria of pages and products in the management system.
  • Ability to create and manage Newsletter.
  • Ability to send group emails to all registered subscribers, users, members of the store but also to those who left the store before completing the purchase.
  • Connection to the popular Mailchimp mass mail service.
  • Ability to add a Blog with its own fields for recent articles. View by day time and year sorted any way you want.
  • Ad management whether it is a banner or rich text.
  • Select the location where the ads will be displayed, such as to the left-right-center of the page after-before-along the paragraph, etc. and with a carousel.
Compatibility with devices
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Responsive Web Design of E-Shop Development for customization on all mobile devices
Marketing & Promotions
  • Subscribe to Newsletter
  • Interface with Mail Chimp
  • Ability to create discounts from a combination of countless options
  • Customer reward system
  • Extra for reward points
  • Ability to insert labels
  • Referendums
  • Ability to add free shipping for a specific amount of purchases or with specific products.
  • Ability to create discount coupons for specific products or the entire store
  • Create Discounts for specific categories or products and for a specific period.
  • Creating promotional energy 1 + 1 gift.